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About Recertification

The step-by-step instructions below will ensure COSS Series applicants know what to do before beginning their recertification application, how to apply for recertification and what to expect after submitting their application.

Before Applying for Recertification

We invite applicants to watch this informational video to learn more about how to apply.

Important Recertification Dates

The recertification deadline is December 31. Applications must be submitted by this date. The non-refundable application fee is $149. Late applications will be accepted until January 31 for an additional $50.

The decision deadline for COSS Administration is February 15. Applicants should expect to receive a provisional digital badge on this date.

Recertification Eligibility

Before submitting an application online, applicants are encouraged to review the Recertification Checklist to confirm they are eligible for recertification. This checklist includes a list of activities that COSS Series graduates may have completed during their three-year recertification cycle.

Important Dates

  • October 1: Recertification Opens
  • December 31: Application Deadline
  • January 1: Late Recertification Opens
  • January 31: Late Recertification Closes
  • February 15: Digital Badges Sent & Audit Begins
  • March 1: Audit Deadline
  • March 15: Audit Finalized

After Applying for Recertification

Digital Credentials

Access digital credentials

New Feature! The COSS Administration will be utilizing the Credly platform to send digital badges on February 15. Applicants will receive an email notification from Credly about their new digital badge. The digital badge will remain provisional until the recertification audit is finalized on March 15. Credly also offers an option to download a digital certificate from inside their dashboard.

The COSS Administration encourages applicants to add as a Contact or Safe Sender in their email settings or contact their network admin team and ask that the email address is whitelisted.

Recertification Audit

Recertification audit

Applicants may be subject to an audit as part of the recertification process. If selected, they will be asked to submit acceptable documentation regarding continuing education and professional development activities. It’s a good idea to keep sign-in sheets, certificates and conference agendas handy in case an audit occurs.

The audit process will begin on February 15.

Revocation of Credentials

The COSS Administration, at its discretion, may revoke a digital badge if it has been determined that the initial credential was improperly granted or if the credential holder does any of the following:

  • Provides false information on the recertification application
  • Fails to respond to audit request by deadline
  • Fails to provide acceptable supporting documentation by deadline

If a digital badge is revoked, the credential holder will receive a direct email communication from Credly. They can also check their Credly account for the status of their digital badge.