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Day 3 Assignments

Breakout Session

Electrical Compliance Moment


Directions: Submit the activities below by 7 p.m. Central Time.

Accident Investigations Video

Accident Investigations Activity

CFR Study Guide Day 3

Compliance Moment: Electrical

Compliance Moment: Lockout/Tagout

Compliance Moment: Scaffolding

Compliance Moment: Exit Routes, Fire and EAPs

Directions: Finalize outline for 10-minute Safety Presentation. Submission not required.


Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety

Directions: Use the Table of Contents to navigate to the specific Chapter mentioned below.

  • Chapter 6 (complete chapter)
  • Chapter 10 (complete chapter)


Directions: Submit the quiz below by 7 p.m. Central Time.

Important: Students must use Google Chrome browser to take exams.

Day 3 Quiz

How to Access the Quiz?
  • Access quiz here.
  • Add username and password (provided by COSS Administration).
  • Add your student ID# (provided by COSS Administration).
  • Choose COSS Virtual Day 3 Quiz (12COSSQ3).
  • Payment information will auto populate. Click submit.
  • Click start to begin the quiz.
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