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Virtual SAF Frontline Safety Training Resource Guide

System Requirements

A successful experience in this course requires a basic familiarity with technology and the following systems:

  • Computer with reliable internet access (Laptops and desktop computers only.)
  • Preference: Dual monitor setup and use of multiple devices (computer and mobile device)
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Webcam and Microphone
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Before Class Begins

Prior to the first day of class, students need to install the desktop version of the Zoom software and test their internet connection, audio and video. Students also need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Download Zoom Client for Meetings
Test Your Internet Connection
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Zoom Video Conferencing

Students will receive a Zoom Meeting request via email. At least 20 minutes before the class start time, participants should click on the Join Zoom Meeting link included in the email.


Virtual SAF Frontline Syllabus


Students will receive an electronic copy of each item below. The e-books can be accessed online via a computer, tablet or cell phone. The e-books will work on Windows, Android and Apple products.

Code of Federal Regulations (1910 and 1926)

An access code for the General and Construction Industry CFR e-books will be sent through email to students from the COSS Administration.

Students will be prompted to register a new account on
Students should click on Add Books tab and click on “Add Book” (with redeem access code).
Add access code and click “Add to My Account”.

Student Workbook

Students should access the student workbook here. The password to access the workbook is safstudent.

Personal Information Sheet

Directions: Submit the Personal Information Sheet by 10 a.m. Central Time on day 1.

Break Out Activities

Module 2

Exercise Two – Estimating the Impact of Accidents (pg. 16)

Module 3

Compliance Moment #1 – Death in the Oilfield (pg. 38)

Exercise Five – Reference Search (pg. 36-37)

Module 4

Exercise Seven – Brainstorming (pg. 47)

Module 6

Compliance Moment #2 – Ladder Safety (pg. 73)

Module 7

Compliance Moment #3 – PPE (pg. 91)

Exercise Nine – Worksite Scenario (pg. 82-84)

Exercise Ten – Worksite Inspections List (pg. 85-86)

VAL Exercise – Virtual Active Listening Exercise

Module 8

Exercise Thirteen – Job Safety Analysis (pg. 97)


Students will complete an online final exam using the directions below:

  • Access final here.
  • Add username and password (provided by COSS Administration).
  • Add your student ID# (provided by COSS Administration).
  • Choose SAF Frontline Safety Virtual Exam (12SSVE).
  • Payment information will auto populate. Click submit.
  • Click start to begin the final.

Class Evaluations

We love hearing from you. Tell us what you think about your recent class by clicking on the applicable link below.

*Password: Last name of instructor (ALL CAPS) followed by course title (COSS, COSM, SAF) followed by course 6 digit start date (December 31 2020 = 123120). (i.e., PRIMUSCOSS123120)

In-Person Class Evaluation
Virtual Class Evaluation


For questions, please contact your instructor or the SAF Frontline Team at 877-610-2677.

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